Friday, March 5, 2010

Progress, and looking towards the future

Hello, everyone!  I am pleased to announce that Drop Your Drawers has had a successful beginning!  All of the infant diapers, adult diapers, women's pads and tampons, and so forth made it to ECHO Ministries!  Thank you to all of the generous donors who made this possible!  I have included a photo on this page of some of the donations from this past season.  Big thanks to everyone!

Here is a great article from a place that calls itself the nation's first diaper bank:

A need continues to exist.  For some people, having diapers and sanitary products means having hygiene, confidence, and freedom.  Please consider donating for the spring drive! 

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank you, and keep those donations coming!

We have had many generous donors give diapers, pads, and other items to Drop Your Drawers this month, including a special monetary donation that came all the way from the Show-Me State!   To all of the donors: thank you so much!  Everything you do will go to help the people who need these items the most.

We still have just over a week left in our first drive, and our goal (a carload of items) has not been met yet.  Please encourage friends and family to pick up any items - even a small pack of diapers will be a huge help.  We'll then do our first "drop" at ECHO, and I'll post pictures here on the site!

As a reminder, donations can be dropped off at my house, my church, my downtown office, or even at my daughter's preschool.  Please contact me privately if you have any questions.