Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank you, and keep those donations coming!

We have had many generous donors give diapers, pads, and other items to Drop Your Drawers this month, including a special monetary donation that came all the way from the Show-Me State!   To all of the donors: thank you so much!  Everything you do will go to help the people who need these items the most.

We still have just over a week left in our first drive, and our goal (a carload of items) has not been met yet.  Please encourage friends and family to pick up any items - even a small pack of diapers will be a huge help.  We'll then do our first "drop" at ECHO, and I'll post pictures here on the site!

As a reminder, donations can be dropped off at my house, my church, my downtown office, or even at my daughter's preschool.  Please contact me privately if you have any questions. 

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